Winners of the European Heritage Awards/Europa Nostra Awards

Europe’s top honour in the heritage field this year goes to 21 exemplary achievements from 15 European countries. Awarded are best practices related to heritage conservation, research, management, volunteering, education and communication. Among them is the ERIH Anchor Point Iron Bridge in Telford, England.

The famous bridge, the first of its kind, is now painted in a reddish shade. This is the result of restoration work that revealed the original colour under the previous grey paint. The new appearance marks the end of extensive repair and maintenance activities carried out on this iconic industrial monument in recent years.

Other laureates that can be attributed to industrial heritage are the medieval arsenal in Hvar, Croatia, which includes an originally preserved theatre, and the LocHal cultural centre in Tilburg, Netherlands, a former railway depot with a conservation concept focusing on preserving the weathered industrial structure.

“The COVID-19 crisis has made clear just how necessary culture and cultural heritage are to people and communities across Europe,” said Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, announcing the winners. ?At a moment where hundreds of millions of Europeans remain physically separated, our cultural heritage continues, more than ever, to bring people together.“

The winner of the Public Choice Award is pending. The decision will be based on a pan-European online voting process open to everyone. The result will be announced in fall.

ERIH Anchor Point Iron Bridge WHS. Telford (GB)

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