Europa Nostra Agora launched

Europa Nostra, as the leading heritage organisation in Europe, intends to support cultural (heritage) operators across Europe with the Europa Nostra Agora virtual platform launched in late March. It aims at sharing and promoting digital best practices related to culture and cultural heritage from across Europe and the world.

The platform is a response to the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, particularly affecting the cultural and cultural heritage sectors due to travel bans or limitations, public closures and event cancellations. As it says on the platform:

?Today so many citizens and organisations are learning and adapting – in such a quick pace – to live, work, learn and communicate in a different way, often from home and in self-isolation. Museums and cultural organisations have seized this occasion to re-engage with their audiences and reach new ones through creative and innovative digital solutions – such as free online content, social media challenges, online concerts or webinars. By sharing and promoting related news and content, we wish to optimise people’s confinement, while giving more visibility and understanding of Europe’s ?Unity in Diversity‘ and advancing the digital shift.

Europa Nostra Agora offers a range of links and initiatives related to culture and has a new weekly newsletter. Those interested in contributing their own content to the platform can send an exposé of the project to Europa Nostra or mark social media activities with the hashtag #EuropaNostraAgora.

Europa Nostra Digital Agora online platform

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