ERIH Newsletter: Coronavirus crisis special edition

A virus is shutting down the world and putting life as we know it at a standstill. As a result, ERIH sites are among those being deprived of business and forced to close their facilities indefinitely. In this special edition of the newsletter, we want to stimulate ideas about how we can engage with potential visitors despite nationwide site closures.

For this purpose we have prepared a survey. It enquires about experiences and plans in terms of online activities, but also about reasons why sites may not have become active online so far. For we believe that ERIH, being the largest industrial heritage network in Europe, provides a good basis for jointly developing new approaches and for learning from each other.

So it's worth checking your mailbox today. Also included in the newsletter: some examples of digital attractions to help bridge the current "shutdown"; EU measures in support of the cultural sector; a brief digression on vouchers as a possible way to avoid loss of revenue; advice on how ERIH sites can use #stayathome to prepare for activities within the ERIH network; last but not least, an update on current schedules.

ERIH Newsletter April 2020
ERIH online survey

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