ERIH supports the #MuseumsforFuture initiative

Join the Global Climate Strike on 29 November in your city.

The #MuseumsforFuture initiative, was launched at the Network of NEMO's European Museum Conference in Tartu. NEMO, that's the 'Network of European Museum Organisations'. #MuseumsforFuture aims at building a global movement of museum professionals acting for a sustainable future. This is not NEMO's initiative, it is a shared effort by various actors with larger networks to activate museums and heritage sites with regard to sustainability.

We encourage you to:

1.  Sign up to the #MuseumsforFuture newsletter to show your commitment and to receive timely updates about our actions and how you can support the cause.

2.  Use the 10 Simple Actions for museums and sites to support the Fridays for Future movement.

3.  Join the Global Climate Strike on 29 November in your city.

  • NEMO is joining the strike in Berlin. Why not connect with museum colleagues in your city and walk together?

Should you have any questions with regard to the initiative, please contact Julia Pagel directly at <pagel(at)>.


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