ERIH newsletter on Sunday: Detailed review of the ERIH conference in Berlin

On Sunday, the first ERIH newsletter after a lengthy break will be released. It provides a comprehensive overview of the recent ERIH Annual Conference. Three questions are paramount: Where does ERIH currently stand? What kind of inspirations did the lectures provide? What were the topics discussed in the workshops? If you have not yet registered for the newsletter, you can do so now in order to benefit from the conference update.

90 participants from 19 countries exchanged ideas on how to attract more visitors with cross-marketing strategies. The key question was: To what extent can cooperation with other tourism providers help to raise the profile of an ERIH site and tap new target groups?

In response, the lectures presented a series of examples of successful tourism marketing. In this context guest speaker Bettina Qu?schning from visitBerlin, Berlin's official tourism and congress marketing organisation, outlined the capital's new tourism strategy, which focuses on quality and seeks to include less centrally located sights. Thus, she considers the industrial heritage to be increasingly taking centre stage in local tourism marketing.

The afternoon workshops facilitated an intensified exchange of experience and ideas. In particular, two issues were repeatedly raised in the discussions: the different perspectives of industrial heritage sites and tourism organisations as well as the crucial importance of market research in defining relevant target groups. In addition, the discussion panels provided a number of suggestions on how ERIH can support cooperations between industrial monuments and museums with other tourism providers.

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ERIH Newsletter November 2019

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