Presentation "Change with Impact"

The presentation "Change with Impact" illustrates the transformation of industrialized regions in Europe and gives an impression of the diversity of Europe's industrial heritage. This is realized on information boards, which as examples show ERIH Regional Routes in Lusatia (Germany) and Styria (Austria), in Catalonia (Spain) and the Silesian Voivodeship (Poland) as well as in South Wales (United Kingdom) and North Holland (Netherlands). They also clarify how even smaller industrial sites have changed the geographical and social landscape.

The presentation was developed especially for the exhibition area in circular thickener I of the "Portal of Industrial Heritage" at Zollverein Mine World Heritage Site in Essen. It complements the multimedia information offered by the "Portal of Industrial Heritage", which presents the "Route of Industrial Heritage in the Ruhr Area" and other interesting industrial heritage sites in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as the industrial properties on UNESCO's World Heritage List and all ERIH Anchor Points in Europe.

A mobile version of the presentation is traveling to various ERIH sites in Europe.
Interested to show the presentation? Please contact our office.

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