Rijksmonument Waterloopbos

Rijksmonument Waterloopbos is a beautiful and interesting forest in Noordoostpolder in which the former Waterloopkundig Laboratorium (WL) (1951-1996) was established. Since 2016 this site is a national monument for the period after WOII.

The Waterloopkundig Laboratorium (the official name of the Delft Hydraulics laboratory) was established for hydraulic research in the Netherlands. It had two laboratories at its disposal, viz. the laboratory at Delft and after WWII the laboratory in Noordoostpolder. In the beginning the laboratory in Noordoostpolder was an open-air laboratory. Because of its low-lying situation, water could be guided into and out of small-scale models without pumps. The aim of the studies may either have been a hydraulic design, calibration or improvement of structures or testing of new ideas. The close cooperation between hydraulic structure designers and the researchers of the laboratory allowed the completion of complex infrastructural works like the Deltaworks, as well as large scale international projects.

Through the years, the Waterloopbos has lost its original function. Fortunately, the forest was preserved and is now being managed by Natuurmonumenten (the Dutch Nature Preservation Society). In 2016, the forest was even put on the National Monuments List. The remains of the hydraulic models are still present. Mosses, plants and trees are slowly covering over the sites that were once so valuable. You can hear water flow everywhere and special plants and animals can be found along the river banks. In fall, there are thousands of mushrooms. These elements all serve to give the Waterloopbos its fairytale ambiance.

The famous ‘Delta Flume’ has been transformed. The artists Ronald Rietveld and Erick de Lyon cut huge concrete panels of different widths from the 240 meter long Delta Flume, turning them 90 degrees. The result is a magical experience in a labyrinthine environment. Stand amazed at the way light and dark interact and enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding nature. Deltawerk// is an ode to the past and the great engineering work that was done here.

Rijksmonument Waterloopbos
Voorsterweg 34
8316PT Marknesse
+31 (0) 527 - 252570

Recommended duration of visit:2 Hours
Duration of a guided Tour:120 Minutes
Access for persons with disabilities:For details see website
Infrastructure for Children:
Visitor centre on site:yes
Gift and book shop on Site:yes

From sunrise till sunset

  • Guided tours optional
  • Tours in other languages

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